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Ballet is a stage art without any relics and lines which is originated from Italian imperial court. Since only music and dance compose ballet, it's extremely sensitive and makes the dancers' flexible delicate and powerful movements more and more emphasized and impress people from it's grace.


I express no emotion on the dancers' faces by design so that it highlights the beauty of lines of my works. I use the technique called tarashikomi, or Wet-in-wet, with gansai and sumi, the Japanese-style painting toning and ink, from Lin-pa Japanese painting style onto the dancers' bodies, put pieces of stunning foil on the back, and also depict the costumes with collage from the European cubism era.

Prohibited without permission

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2.5D Art‐Series

Ballet is an extremely beautiful stage art which has beauty of style,boby,expression and so on.

Adding things that has nothing to do with the main theme,such as flowers or japanese paintings,and putting them onto the 2-D surface, I have created the works completely different from the ballet as a stage art.

To emphasie the physical beauty of ballet, I tried transforming my 2-D works into 2.5-D ones.

Layered relief-like flower tutu and dancer's body highlight the works' soft lines.


Prohibited without permission